A lil' bard gnome with a big stick and an even bigger heart


Current $$$: 160.5 Coins_Stack_PNG_Clipart_Picture.png
Current HP: 9 + con flat_800x800_075_t.jpg

Instruments & Weapons

1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png Gayageum, didgeridoo, and electric triangle
1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png Long sword (1d8, slashing)

Items carrying

1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png 2 potions
1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png 1 soap
1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png 3 healing kits


Personality Traits

1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png Loves all insults
1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png Loves gossip (getting local rumors)


1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png Honesty – art should reflect the soul
1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png GREED – $$$ + BITCHES y’all


1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png My instrument(s) is my #1 possession and reminds me of my love


1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png A scandal prevents me from returning to my home…
1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png I will do anything for fame


1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png An old divination card bearing my likeness

1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png Background is entertainer with a specialization in fire-eating. Because of this, I am in popular demand in almost all towns and am about to attain free lodging after a performance. I should not eat fire before playing my beloved didgeridoo, though. That would be a terrible idea.

1-Leaf-bullet-point-faded.png No one quite knows what troubled past Waywa (that’s her cute ass nickname) is running from. A scandal is preventing her from returning home — could it have anything to do with her instrument that reminds her of her one true love? Only time can tell.


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