Nephalia Grimoire

Master of the dead and terrible puns


Currently Carrying:
~scholar pack
-book of lore
-ink bottle
-ink pen
-9 parchment
-bag of sand
-small knife
– map of haven
~Spell book
~Arcane focus (Aecheron’s fang in a vile with some of his blood <3)
~nightmare idol that looks like the Babbadook
~500 gold
~Dagger (1d4 of piercing) ( finese light thrown range 20/60)
~Quarter staff 2(d6-1)
~grimoire from dead asshole aceolyte (blindness/deafness,
~green jewl
~letter from Crow Man


~false identity
-I have a second persona and I can forge documents if ive seen them beofre and fake handwriting
~darkvision: see in dark but cant see in color
~hellish restiastance: restist fire
~ infernal legacy
~grim harvest lv2


She has a joke for every occasion and sarcasm and insults are her weapons.
Shes always in debdt because she buys too much luxiorious stuff and cant resist a pretty face
She comes from a noble family and she will reclain what has been stolen from her.

Nephalia Grimoire

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